Secretary: Stephanie Strube


Treasurer: Axel Thuner


President : Heath Marshall


Would you like to become a board member?

Give one of us a call.

In case you are wondering what the duties are, here are the highlights:

The secretary is responsible for entering all the shoots into the CMSA website, keeping up the CMT website, helping keep up Facebook, and when it comes to the actual shoots you need to check everyone in, keep times (or find someone to), print results, print the payout, upload shoot data to CMSA after the shoot. Help unload equipment at the shoot. Payson Petterson keeps the clubs state dues paid and up to date.

The President helps find and arrange arenas. Finds balloon setters for the second arena. Is the face for the shoot and helps where needed; setting up the arena, hauling equipment, ammo, etc. Turns in the sheet every year to CMSA that states who is on the board. Picks out buckles and/or awards.

The Treasure keeps us stocked on ammo, balloons, and pays bills (awards, CMSA points, club dues, etc.) The Treasure also gets the checks deposited the day after the shoot. Signs checks and double checks payout of the shoot. Handles the contracts with the arenas and getting deposits paid. They often help find arenas as well. Often helps with setting up the arena and hauling equipment.

Other positions are available as needed - just let us know where and with what you can help out!

All positions need to be able to work together.